WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Check out our Friends a Remitpod

Check out our Friends a Remitpod
By Adriel R 5 months ago 160 Views No comments

I would like to tell you all about Remit by eXempt, not the average e-cigarette. Created in Orange County California, The Remit is here to help guide the world of pod systems and the vaping industry, by focusing on those who truly are looking for a cleaner smoking alternative. With the smoker in mind, The REMIT pod system focuses on simplicity and efficiency to satisfy your nicotine need.


The REMIT pod system is easy to use and will instantly satisfy your needs. Here are some of the reasons why REMIT by Exempt is the best choice for your everyday vaping needs:

A slim profile that is designed to fit into your hand effortlessly,
Utilizes color coded flavored pods to easily differentiate between e-juice flavors.
Firmware Upgradable with a hard reset feature, coil and short circuit protection.
Whether you prefer a long inhale or short puffs, the REMIT by Exempt will always satisy
Easily Charges in 45 minutes using a standard Micro USB
Features a triple coated gold connection point to ensure a consistent vaping experience
1.2 ml pod Utilizing a 1.5 ohm Stainless Steel Coil
Color Coded LED indicator using the intuitive colors red, yellow and green for current battery capacity

Customer Service is standing by to help you with any question you might have about the Remit Pod System.

The REMIT pod system by eXempt was designed with you in mind, every single step of the way.

Get your today at https://remitpod.com/