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December 2018

The best coil-less vape on the market - ULTEX T80

By Adriel R 10 months ago 360 Views No comments

Made out of a strong aluminum body, the Ultex T80 offers a delicate yet durable feel when held close by. The unpredictable lines cut on the outside emits a solid lightsaber theme, particularly with the sections situated close to the power/fire catch found near the base of the tank.

A vape with an Infinity mirror! - Espion Infinite

10 months ago 247 Views No comments

Here's the most recent in the Espion line from Joyetech. The Joyetech Espion Infinite is the third emphasis of mods in the arrangement and it goes up against an extraordinary update from it's two ancestors the first Espion and the Espion Solo. The initial two in the line appeared to hold up under a James Bond-esque appearance and the name Espion which means Spy kind of fortified that idea. Anyway with the Espion Infinite it barely is by all accounts a piece of a similar line with it's brilliant gaudy lights and unendingness reflect like interface it unquestionably emerges from the others.